How much longer will the kobold sex last? No idea, but I’m enjoying it while it goes!

You have to admit, this is a pretty good kobold sex scene! I’m proud of the laout of this page, especially with how soft Rizl’s body looks in panel 3! Good page all in all, making for some good, sexy kobold sex for all involved I’d say! Rizl’s barely resisting at this point too… She seems pretty into it. By the way, if it isn’t obvious ‘grah’ is kind of her trademark moan. No real reason for it, I just thought it’d be cute if she had her own distinct one! I might do more distinct moans here and there if I think of appropriate ones- we’ll see.

Today was eh, at least I got somenice kobold sex pages to upload. Watching my numbers rise across my various sites has made me feel a bit better, at least!

I never watched all that much of his content, he was just a funny meme man to me, but I am really sad about the whole Etika thing. Not gonna pretend like I knew him but it’s just really sad to see someone struggling that badly with mental illness never get the help they need, and I wish he could have pulled through. He never got to play Banjo in Smash Ultimate- and that saddens me.

Sorry for the sad tangent, I know this is a porn site, but I gotta vent sometimes too to whoever’s listening y’know? Now back to your regular scheduled kobold sex.

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