Rizl loses it and does some sexy begging, in her own way!

It’s here that we see this hot, dripping Kobold start to get a bit shakier and her conviction drops, ultimately giving in and doing some sexy begging for cock. God I love seeing monster girls do some sexy begging! There’s nothing better than chipping away at a grumpy girl’s resistence only for her to break down and admit she wants the cock badly. And make no mistake, that dripping flow of female cum from her pussy… Rizl unmistakeably wants that cock and the only way to get it in there NOW is for some sexy begging.

I think I’m feeling better today, I mentioned feeling pretty bleh yesterday but I think most of it has cleared up. Don’t know how much I’ll get done today since I don’t wanna push it but I know I’ll do some stuff at least.

You might notice that the colors and stuff look significantly different. Yeah, we have a change in the coloring staff. It’s going to be pretty permanent. I now have two different people doing the colors for me, one for backgrounds and one for painting the characters. This makes it a lot faster thankfully, and I’ll be having content a lot more regularly I believe now!

Characters are by my good friend, disciple and frequent collaborator DallyDonut.

Landscapes are done by my other friend Fleoa, who is being incredibly helpful and doing some art for me in exchange for me gifting her a really expensive MHFAP! OC, Ferro the Steel Dragon.

For more Rizl pics, make sure you check out that amazingly sexy Patreon preview I posted of Hero giving Rizl a facial!

Enjoy the sexy begging Rizl does for the Hero, now! I know I am~


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