Grab that squishy butt and dig in to that kobold pussy!

Squishy butts are good, squishy butts are very good in fact. Like holy shit dude. I love drawing me some round monster girl asses, but if you know me by now that does not come as a surprise! I’m pretty happy with how this page turned out in the end though all things considered. Hero looks genuinely happy about being able to shove his face into that squishy butt, and the butt itself looks suitably round and jiggly! Love it, love it so much! I can never get enough of Rizl’s cute, squishy butt and I hope that as my fan you share my sentiment! But even if not, for whatever reason, that’s ok too haha. Long as you’re with my for the long haul that’s all that matters~

I posted the second weekly sketch release for Patreon just a bit ago here! It’s an amazingly sexy pinup of Futura in her true form, showing off. I’m really proud of how it turned out and if you aren’t in the mood for Rizl and would prefer a certain blue haired sexy robot lady, maybe have a look at the preview of it I posted here! I’m certain that all her fans will love how it came out. As her creator and therefore biggest fan, I certainly adore how sexy she turned out in it! Or you can check out this guest art a friend did for me of Futura!

I’m happy to be updating the site a bit more frequently. I’m seeing good results from doing so, too, more page views and more people visiting me from search engine traffic thanks to all the SEO junk I do on each update! We’re doing good my friends! Can’t wait to keep expanding this empire of monster girl hentai one update at a time! If you’re liking how chapter 3 is coming along so far I implore you to tell your friends who might have similar interests! I currently don’t have money to do much advertising, so word of mouth is the best way for me to spread currently. It helps a lot!

But even if you don’t, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this squishy butt I have prepared for you~

Colors by HMCYT


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