New comic page in this epic monster girl adventure hentai saga is finally here!

I know the wait has been long, but finally we got a new comic page! Keep in mind I haven’t been doing nothing, mind you! I have literally all but one page of chapter 3 fully inked. There was just a lot of snags in securing a colorist to work on the colors for the chapter. But that drama has passed now and there will be a low of new comic pages in all their sexy glory for you guys! Yes, tons of monster girl action is just on the horizon! As an apology to my fans for making you guys wait so long I’m releasing the first scene, the first 7 new comic pages, out as they get done instead of making you all wait until the scene is done. I am not happy with all the delays but I don’t think we should run into them again in the future! Knock on wood. But hey, donating on Patreon will let you read all those other pages as I make them! As well as give me more money to secure better, more reliable colorist help!

God I’m so happy with how this page came out though. I want to thank my friend and colorist HMCYT for stepping back in at the last second to color this and the rest of the chapter for me. I was really upset and stressed and she was just like move over bro and took the reigns while I rested my weary, monster girl addled mind. But hey, the result has been incredibly worth it wouldn’t you say? I would say, I think. But that’s just me! Heh.

I’m just so happy to have new comic pages to share with you guys. I feel personally upset when I don’t have anything to share… I want to ultimately get one chapter done a month, if that was possible. But we’re going to need a lot more money coming in for that.