Rizl the Kobold girl makes her official debut now, finally!

I mean, yes she’s had brief appearances in both chapters one and two but this is different, events are about to play in motion that put her into the main cast once and for all! I’m super excited to share this upcoming chapter with you all- it’s my best work yet and is going to be extremely sexy, funny, and action packed all at once! And yes, plenty of kobold girl sex! We aint got none of that bullshit japanese dog kobolds here, no, we’re western D&D style kobolds here at MHFAP! and it’s going to stay that way! If you’ve ever wondered why Kobolds are dogs in japan I’d recommend you google it. It’s very interesting but I’ve explained it to like 30 different people so for the life of me I don’t feel like typing it here again.

But yeah, this sexy kobold girl is here to stay!

This piece was colored by Hodge, an amazingly talented artist and I’m very happy to have worked with her! She was originally slated to color all of chapter 3 but some stuff came up and I decided not to go that route with her. It’s already being done by HMCYT. I’ll still be working with Hodge in the future don’t you worry about that, I love her art and it looks amazing on my pinups! But yeah, this was a pretty big stressor the last few days so some emergency precautions had to be made.

We’re all good now though! Ready to start sharing amazingly sexy kobold girls with all you dedicated fans out there eager for the next bit of monster girl goodness I have in store.