Sexy Salamander: Conquered!

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Alas, Adara’s screentime in this chapter draws to a close so we must bid farewell to our sexy salamander! Judging by the reception she’s gotten, I’m sure this monster girl will be missed. Will she be back? More than likely. Fan favorites will always get a bit of bias from me. I want to keep all you monster girl fans out there happy with me after all! I actually have two commissions of Adara I need to draw soon. Both of which are gonna be really sexy hentai pics. First I need to draw Adara nude wrestling Rizl. And then there’s a really sexy blowjob pic with our fav sexy salamander and the Hero. So Adara may be gone for now but she’s not forgotten! As I’ve said in the past Adara is one of my favorite OCs so far. So that gets her a lot of point in my monster girl book.
I enjoyed drawing her Dex pose a lot here. I got to put a lot of emphasis on that amazing thicc ass, heh. I’m getting a lot better at drawing sexy curves! Adara appeals to my huge spats/athletic ladies fetish so… yeah. Not very much better than a sexy monster girl, or in this case a sexy salamander, in tight-ass spats. Plus by drawing this pose I could better show off how her outfit works. Specifically I mean how her tail comes out of it. I need to get a lot better at drawing the tails coming out of the monster girls, but this one wasn’t so bad.
There’s a lot of monster girl hentai coming up! First off we’re gonna get a super sexy scene of Tali before we get into the real meat of chapter 2 and introduce Futura. Hope everyone’s excited! Farewell, sexy salamander!


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