The Robot SexDex is finally here! Yes, have a read!

Of course I couldn’t end this chapter without a robot SexDex for our dear friend Futura, could I? As always, any monster girl he sleeps with gets a SexDex right afterward when applicable. Assuming the new monster girl isn’t a species Hero has already fucked before, of course. But hey, Robot Sexdex everybody! I know that people have been looking forward to it. At least, I hope they have. Response to Futura’s debut has been for the most part extremely positive with the stragglers who don’t like her here and there on account of her being mean. It’s a fair view to take on her but we’re only on chapter 2 and we’ve yet to even scratch the surface of all the character development I have planned for my main cast! Futura did start off with a bit of unlikability to her. And if you’re one of the few people who dislike that, I ask that you watch her character growth carefully! It’s not going to stay that way forever and I have big plans for our robotic friend.

I know everyone can’t be like me and love all my characters equally, but I do hope that each member of the Harem gets about as much equal love as we can give them. Might be a bit of a pipe dream, right? Ah well, a monster girl artist can dream can’t he? I’m working on updating the site and putting up a bunch of new pages so lets get right back to work here. Plenty more monster girl hentai action coming right up, complete with sucking and fucking! My god did I actually just type that


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