The Sexy Salamander Adara makes her MHFAP! debut!

Hey everyone, new page for you! I need to beat myself into uploading more content on the site. Was doing better for a few days but then I started feeling off. Still have tons of monster girl hentai to post here don’t worry! But it’s better to pace it out too, I suppose. I know some people have been looking forward to the salamander making her appearance so here she is! A reminder, Adara is MHFAP! OC designed by me. I take commissions for people who want to have their own MHFAP! character. When they get their own sexy monster girl it’s later possible to buy her an appearance in the comic! Like this. Usually I don’t offer a spot in the actual chapter but this one had an opening.
Adara is a character I’ve grown fond of. I like her design, she’s cute and funny and you will more than likely be seeing more of her. Without giving too much away, that is! Such a cute lil’ salamander tomboy. She’s here for plot convenience but I use her to establish a few things about Hero and Tali’s relationship. It works out well for everyone involved! I have a feeling she is going to prove quite the popular salamander! Her upcoming hentai scene will make sure of that. I finished inking up to page 16 today!
Oh one thing before I talk about more serious things- MHFAP! Stickers are now officially sale! Get cute chibi stickers of Tali, Hero, Rizl and way more to show your love for MHFAP!

Serious Feels

As for how I’m doing? Eh… not having the best day. I don’t want to worry anyone too much but I had a bad night. At 2:30 there was a literal gang fight outside my window with about 30 African Americans. I’ve made references to living in a shitty ghetto before but this was a whole new level. There wasn’t any violence but two gangs were yelling and screaming at each other in the middle of the street. We ended up calling the police but in the middle of our call both sides ran the fuck away in different directions… I’m guessing another neighbor yelled at them. It was very sudden. I dunno. A few minutes later I saw some of them come back holding hammers and other small weapons…
I’m feeling shitty because I live here and I’m also feeling bad about art. Because of my schedule I don’t get enough chance to practice or improve my skills. It makes me feel very stagnant. As soon as I’m done with comic work I need to hop over to commissions… bleh. I am hoping the Patreon starts to take off now that I offer a ton of different rewards. So on one hand I need more money so I can move from here faster. On the other I feel bad because I don’t have any chances to improve. This shit sucks, I only want to make sexy monster girl hentai…


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