Chapter 2 ends with these two monster girls fucked silly!

You know that thing in hentai where the girls overwhelm the guy and it’s like oh geez I can’t do it anymore… yeah. I don’t like that. Let’s do the opposite! These cute monster girls have been fucked silly and are covered (and full) of hot, steamy cum and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is of course just the first of many sexy group sex scenes I have planned, naturally! So many fun monster girl combinations we can play with. Can’t wait to get even more monster girls in the harem so I can draw even bigger and better hentai scenes! I’ll need a lot more funding before that can happen though haha. Money isn’t terrible for once though. Just got approved to move appartments today so I’ll be working on packing on the side of my art work. It’s a much better place than where I live currently for sure. Like no contest. So it’s pretty exciting. Ah well.

Back on the topic of monster girls, I hope everyone’s excited for chapter 3! Before that happens though there’s gonna be 3, 6 page minicomics. Chapter 2.1-2.3. Kind of slots I sold ages ago for people to have their MHFAP! OC in the comic… and I’m finally going to get it out of the way. I shouldn’t have sold that so far ahead of time but it was very necessary at the time. Gotta do what I can to survive, and it just means way more sexy monster girl content for you guys so I doubt you’ll be complaining!


The 2nd MHFAP! Audio Adventure, Rizl: I Hate That You Hate, is now out! And it comes with 2 EXCLUSIVE Pinups! 

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