Lots of cum dripping from those juicy monster girl pussies!

This was such a fun page to draw, and from what I gather most people think it’s my best one as of this writing. I’ll have to work on drawing much sexier stuff than this, though! But damn if I don’t love seeing lots of cum seeping out from sexy anime pussies. Don’t care how much of a creep that makes me, I’ll say it again if I have to. Anime gals look best with lots of cum pouring out. Well, maybe not best, but I certainly like it a whole lot! Even better if they’re lewd and sex hungry monster girls like the ladies I like to draw.

I’m still very happy with this page. Everything about it is super sexy, especially that double blowjob on the first panel! Though I do think the other two panels are have just as much crazy hentai action. Tali looks deliciously thicc in panel 2, and seeing Futura getting rammed by that huge dick in panel three? Eh I don’t want to brag but I’m happy at my ever evolving skills when it comes to drawing sexy, slutty monster girl hentai!

As far as the non-monster girl hentai side of my life goes, I’m doing ok. Been playing a lot of KH3 and reading Isaac Asimov stories, trying to expand my mental capacity beyond ‘put boner in sexy monster girl hole’. Not that that isn’t important, too! Just should think about other things besides that from time to time… I think. I dunno.


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