The Harem officially begins! Welcome to the crew, Tali and Futura!

Sure, the’ve been around for a while but this here is the official inauguration ceremony into our Hero’s harem… and really, what better way to welcome them with a few rounds of hardcore harem sex? I get that it’s still just a threesome but like, you know. It’s still technically harem sex because it’s with his harem! Drawing group sex is very complicated but it’s my biggest fetish, one guy with a bunch of girls… so even though I was struggling really hard to draw this super sexy hentai I was loving every moment of it! I know I’ll get better at it the more I draw this, though. So I hope you’ll bare with me as my art continues to grow sexier and sexier by drawing all these horny monster girls, and a lot of harpy hentai.

I think my compositions improved a hell of a lot this whole sex scene too, you’ll see what I mean. But I tried to make sure each panel is exciting in someway, like how he’s fingering their wet pussies up in the first panel here… and damn, Tali’s fat pussy is looking wet and tight……. er, excuse me. It’s almost time for my fap break from drawing so I naturally get a little distracted typing this up… haha. Futura is so fun to draw too but I always worry her coloring looks off because of her white coloration. It gives me less options to work with than when coloring someone with normal skin colors… but I think I pulled off her look really well this scene and she too looks sexy as hell. Especially love her cute, round ass that’s a bit too big for her small frame hehe. I love petite girls with nice juicy asses, ahhhhhhhhh especially if they are sexy monster girls haha. Enjoy this page of harem sex!

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