The Plot! It is here!

There’s still some stuff to establish though, but yeah. Plot. The plot has been more or less explained now! And about that last line? Well, it’s vague for a reason. I have seen a lot of guesses. I can’t confirm or deny anything in regards to it, but I will say that even if someone has guessed it correctly, or even if they already have, I’m still going ahead with the story as planned. Not gonna change my plans haphazardly just to try and make things unpredictable. Because that last sentence? Really not a big deal in terms of the overall story. Important? Yes very. But not something that will ruin things by any means. Ah well. You’ll just have to wait and see! Plenty of sexy monster girls to draw before then though so be patient! More hentai coming your way. No, I didn’t go for the obvious cum joke. I’m above that… currently.

I love the contrast between Tali and Futura here in this page. Futura looks really mysterious which I can’t help but adore! I love them kuudere anime girls who have just a hint of mystery to them. I try not to show Futura’s glowy eyes too much because it can seem a bit creepy I believe. Especially considering our girl does not have pupils. I don’t think she’s creepy at all though! Though I’m sure you could guess that since I love her and she’s a main character haha… so call me a bit biased. I think given time everyone will come to love Futura just as much as I do. She’s a cute little robot monster girl who sometimes turns into a very sexy robot monster girl. If you like robots, and you like monster girls… well, what’s not to like?


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