Lore dump time, yayyyy!

If you think it’s text-wally just trust me and give me a few pages. Going somewhere with this. Be patient and the lore will cum unto you, my son. Er. Anyway, lore! I know a vocal part of my fans wanted me to explain more of the lore surrounding this crazy monster girl world, and… well I was already planning to. Come on guys I’m a writer lol, I didn’t add this scene cause people wanted it. It was in the script for chapter 2 since before a lot of people told me they wanted it! Have some faith in me friends, don’t I bring you delicious monster girls? Don’t I bring the hot and sexy hentai for you? I think I’ve earned a little good will by now!

I think it’s funny that for this intense and cool scene the Hero’s ass is just front and center. It amuses me. I also thought this page would be easier to draw but it wasn’t. Too many mistakes when preparing the lineart on my part. Will do better next time. I also plan to practice more backgrounds soon as I feel it’s an area I’m lacking in but hey we’ll see what I can pull off. Nature landscapes will be easy to improve on but for interiors I’ll need to look into some more ideas. It’s fine for chapter 3, but 4 will need a decent amount of interiors I believe. And lots of sexy monster girls… but that part is obvious by now! Every chapter needs to be filled to the brim with sexy monster girls. All of the monster girls. Every. Single. Monster girl.


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