This Android Transforms!! What Will Happen Now?

And we’re back! I know this wait between pages was long. Like really long… I left you guys wanting more monster girl hentai for quite a while. Well, holiday season. Lot more reasons than that, but they’re the same reasons I’ve gone on and on about. Money problems and a need to work on commissions more than the comic at the expense of my own happiness. Ho-hum. Angela lost another job and so that put us in a really bad spot, but luckily it only took her a week to find another job this time. For the first time in like 9 fucking months, it’s going to be a full time job… which meansssss THE FULL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS NOT MINE ANYMORE!! It never should have been since it pruned a lot of MHFAP’s growth this year, but it’s not like we can help that… I’m expecting 2019 to be a MUCH better year for MHFAP! and for monster girl hentai in general. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Tali the Harpy, not to mention this sexy android!

I have been working extremely hard this last week on expanding and fine-tuning my social media promotion… been up to so many things that just thinking about it is making my headspin. I should probably slow down a tad, honestly. But there’s too much stuff to do all the time. My biggest flaw is working too much, which at the very least is a pretty good worst flaw I think. At least it’s not like… I dunno, bug-chasing or some shit.

Thank you as always for coming to check out my amazing monster girl hentai! I’m sorry for the delay, I don’t like to keep any monster girl fans waiting… but until that day comes where I’m financially stable forever then moments like this will happen here and there. But no matter what- chapter 2 WILL be finished THIS month!!