Futura riding cowgirl hard and fast, ready for that huge drop!

Hey MHFAPpers, here’s page 25 for you all! And it’s a good one. I seriously think that last panel is one of the hottest things I’ve drawn so far! Definitely the best ass and penetration. In hindsight I really should have added a big page with those missing two cumshots… but I’m always under pressure to keep the plot moving along. I’ll try to pace things better in the future. Only thing I can promise is that I aim to never stop improving in this monster girl hentai quest! But at least we get these sexy shots of Futura riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl! Man, just imagine that vibrating robot pussy bouncing up and down your dick like that… I guarantee you you wouldn’t last as long as Hero!

Although you can’t see it, Tali is definitely masturbating over there. Should go without saying, given her… past experiences. Only difference is now that she’s had sex and is getting off on being cucked, Tali is able to get off with her feathers in the right circumstance. Not going to happen if she’s just masturbating alone, but watching Lovebird have Futura riding cowgirl on him? Yeeeep, that’ll do it for our favorite Cuckoo Birb. It seems like her life has improved quite a lot in the span of a single day, as now she can even get herself off!

Riding cowgirl is one of my favorite positions. I really love a sexy monster girl who wants to be on top! There’s not really any position I dislike by any means though. I try to make sure there’s tons of variety in my hentai. Don’t want people to get bored, no no no. That’s the last thing I want! So instead I draw tons of super sexy monster girls in as many positions I can imagine! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the sexy variety my lovely monster girls have to offer!

Also hey, I started posting the Ask Monster Girls Anything segment here on the site! Don’t miss it! There’s two up already, one for Tali and one for Rizl! Still got like 21 more to post at the time of writing.