Futura kicks Tali off the bed so that she may properly sex our Hero! He seems into it at least!

Poor birdy, she often gets the short end of the stick… that’s not going to be changing any time soon either! Haha. Here we get our first page of Futura in action and I hope everyone’s ready for a LOT more sex like this! Whenever this side of Futura is around she’s almost always in charge. There might be occasional times where True Form Futura is a reluctant sub but she won’t be very into it. It’s important that in this hentai each girl has her own likes and dislikes. I don’t want a bunch of generic hentai sluts who all like the same thing! Nah, we need diversity! I’m all about unique characters and making sure each member of the cast is sexy in their own way.
Futura doesn’t smile very often, by the way. I wouldn’t get used to that, haha! That panel was a very rare moment… there might be a lot more significance to it than you’d expect but I’m not revealing that here! I have so many long-term plans for MHFAP! that you never know what might end up being foreshadowing… such a fun literary technique. Who says Hentai can’t tell a good story?
My depression is super kicking my ass tonight but at least I made a ton of progress on updating my site today. This came at the cost of actually doing much drawing but… having a strong website for fun hentai sex will help me much more in the long run. I need to start getting more content readily available here for all those who browse my site. I have a lot of improvements on the horizon coming up to improve the experience. I have a giant stack of content to get updated here as well… just have to get the damn thing working well.
Ah well, in the meantime everyone can enjoy this steamy robot sex. I think we all know what that look in Hero‘s eyes means… He’s only just met this sexy robot but he already feels that she’s his!