Futura fully awakens, and she’s here to stay!

She’s finally here, Fappers! Futura has come to. Now we get to see her actual personality at work, is it what you expected? Yes, Futura in her true form is very much a dom and likes to be in control. Pretty sexy femdom stuff is abound! I’m sure none of you hentai fans mind that though. We need a few girls of each type on the Hero‘s Harem. Since we started off with the submissive, sexy Tali, we had to balance it out. So of course Futura is a lewd femdom! I personally never used to like femdom but this last year or so has made me change my mind. No specific reason, but I’m a lot more into it than I used to be. I still think I tend to like submissive girls more, though… but enough of my sexual proclivities.
Tali can’t help herself when she sees that cum, if you didn’t notice. I find that super sexy… despite Futura needing it a lot more than Tali does! Some sexy birdies just can’t help themselves… not when they see Lovebird’s cum dripping out of a wet pussy, at least. A friend of mine told me jokingly he was afraid of Futura- want to reassure you not to be. She looks mean, but that’s all! I mean, she is mean, and she has some issues to work on but… well she’s less mean than Rizl. Or at least not as upfront about it…? Screw it, maybe you should be afraid of Futura?
Seeing Tali react like that with complete bliss as Hero cums inside some other girl gets me diamonds. She’s too much, I swear… Drawing her so enthusiastic makes me happy thinking about it! Drawing any of my girls makes me happy, though. It feels less like work and more like doing something for me. Been having a lot of trouble with commissions lately because of this. Not that I haven’t been doing them. It’s just that I’m really sick of it and it’s starting to effect my mental health. Everyone wanting shit from you every hour of the day is… not healthy. Neither is the pressure of having to keep track of all this. I wouldn’t take on as many commissions if I made enough without them to survive but eh. Life has been pretty shitty lately. Here’s hoping MHFAP! keeps expanding and I keep making more money through it!