A brief appearance from our sexy kobold, Rizl!

She’s just here for two pages to set up her *real* debut in chapter 3! I know a lot of people have been waiting for her to become a main character so I hope that they can remain patient for a while longer haha. She’s surprisingly popular! Not too surprising since she’s a sexy kobold. I think I’ve gotten a lot better at drawing her too, her forms are much more round and cute. Which is great! I don’t want her to look too sharp or anything. Kobolds are a very fun monster girl to draw, whether its hentai or not.

I’ve been pretty busy with commission work the last day or so, haven’t had time to really dig in and start doing the layouts for the next scene but I’m about to! Hoping they don’t take too long. Don’t think they will but you never know! Fortunately I’ve been putting in some practice with speed sketching lately so I feel my speed has increased. Gotta keep improving on every front or else my skills will never improve! You all know how much sharpening my art skills means to me haha. Gotta get better to render sexy kobold but sexier~

I’ll have some new stuff to share with you guys soon though. Been making and selling a lot of MHFAP! OCs- I just need the time to upload them here and write a quick blog post about them. So much monster girl stuff to do, so little time! In the meantime you can enjoy this sexy kobold. Rizl means a lot to me, since she’s a main character after all! But the reception to the art I’ve done on her has been very encouraging.


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