And thus the robot sex commences! Activate, Futura!

Working on Futura is fun, she plays by very different rules than most other girls of the series. When it comes to drawing her, that is! The sassy robot has a mettalic texture to it despite that it feels like skin to the touch. Shading and lighting her is very different from Tali! But it makes the robot sex that much more interesting haha. I’m real proud of how this hentai scene came out, and I’m sure you will all agree! I pushed myself pretty hard with drawing and coloring these two sexy ladies. Hentai is so much fun when there’s such sexy anime gals to draw.
For today I spent most of my time working on commissions. A lot of MHFAP! OC pinups got started! Some very sexy stuff on the horizon. I need to spend another day or so working on comms before I can get back to drawing robot sex. I spent several days working back to back on the comic so now I need to catch up more. It won’t be so bad though! More monster girl content coming endlessly from yours truly. Some days it really does feel like I sit around doing nothing but drawing monster girls. I fail to see how this is a bad thing.
I have to get caught up on other things, too. My SexDex pile has grown too large. I can’t even accept new orders for it until I finish more… I think after a while I got tired of writing so much lore back to back. Doing so many in a row was eh. I’ll pace myself better once we’re caught up, promise. There is still so much sexy lore to write, though! In the meantime though, enjoy some lovely robot sex. Futura is here to say, so start loving her already!