Poor girl can’t keep from freaking out.

Can we really blame her, though? I mean this is the first penis that’s existed for 4,000 years as far as we know. Even if Rizl saw some in Hentai, the real thing is much different! Only natural to find her freaking out like this Not going to lie, I’ve been waiting to draw this page for ages! I had it in mind that Rizl would have a really funny reaction face so I had to make sure it came out as good as it looked in my head. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I’ve already been encouraging people to make memes out of it. Here’s a template if you’d like to spread it around too!

As for what I’m working on today, mostly sketching the next couple of pages for MHFAP. There’s 5 pages for the next scene but I might sketch ahead and sketch the next scene as well, another 5 pages. It’ll be great, lots of fun sex scenes are coming up soon guys! Ones I’m really excited to draw actually. Not just with Tali, but other other Monster Girls too! Looking forward  to all the lovely hentai I get to draw in the next few weeks. So much monster girl hentai! I am truly blessed. I know everyone’s looking forward to our new main character, Futura, but first we’re going to get an awesome little scene with Adara the Salamander~


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