Boob Squish! Nothing better than that.

Who’s ready for a lore dump? I hope everyone because that’s what you’re gonna get. Oh, and a boob squish. Because fuck yeah boob squish. No really though, I wanted to draw Tali and Futura like this for a while now haha. They’re really cute together and I can’t wait to develop their relationship as characters! It’ll be fun. Fun and sexy, the MHFAP! way! I have a lot planned when it comes to how the harpy and robot interact with each other, I think you’ll like it a lot!

I’m really behind on posting the comic to the official site here but I’m gonna fix that now I promise. As of yesterday chapter 2 is done being drawn! It took a really long time to get us to this point but I hope everyone is just as excited for the future of MHFAP! as I am. I got huge plans… HUGE plans. But I’ll need all of your help continuing to get me there.

For now I have a lot of work to do on monster girl commissions. Not too pumped about it but I will figure stuff out I promise. Lots of sexy girls to draw, so I mean I can’t be TOO upset can I? After all as long as I get to draw monster girl hentai I’m pretty much happy with whatever. And I know you guys are happy when I’m happy, it means even more monster girls for you to ogle at! Heck yes.


The 2nd MHFAP! Audio Adventure, Rizl: I Hate That You Hate, is now out! And it comes with 2 EXCLUSIVE Pinups! 

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