An afterword from yours truly! Who else?

Going to copy paste this from a long blog I wrote about the road to chapter 3, but here’s a much more detailed afterword~

“As you all know by now, chapter 2 has finished production and is fully completed! It took a tremendous amount of work to get everything done with, but I’m satisfied that it’s currently the best work I can do. Do I think I can do better next time? Hell yes. Am I going to do better next time? Even more hell fucking yes. But for right here, right now, I am satisfied with chapter two. It was much longer than it should have been owing completely to the fact that it had an appearance by an OC who I needed to fit 8 extra pages in for. I love Adara don’t get me wrong but it did certainly mess the pacing up slightly. That’s totally ok though! Just reflecting on it. Chapter 2 had a bit of everything. I turned the comedy way, way up from chapter 1, I included some lore and world building, and I stuffed it with character moments so you can better get to know Tali and the Hero’s personalities. But chapter 3 will not be as long I think. We will see. I already know everything that happens in it but there’s no script for it yet.

With all that being said, what’s next?

Not chapter 3. Not right away at least. You see, in order to get chapter 2 done so quickly I basically pushed off all of my commissions and told everyone ‘let me finish first bro’. So now I have a pile of stuff that needs to get done. I’m not super enthused about it but it was a sacrifice I had to make. I’ve been slightly depressed about commissions for a while now and the ironic thing is I paused them thinking ‘ok now I can get the comic done and not be under pressure’, but the pressure of everyone waiting for me to get the comic done so I can get to their stuff was just as bad if not worse as working on commissions in tandem with the comic… so, rip. It sounded like a good idea at the time and far be it from me to be mad at my fanbase. I just haven’t been feeling very mentally good for a while now on top of this.

What IS next, then?

After I spend a few weeks on commissions I will begin work on 3 special MHFAP! Minicomics. Way back when chapter 1 was almost done I sold three slots to essentially put 3 OCs into the comic via 6 page short chapters set between Chapter 2 and 3. This was a really bad idea as it made me promise something that was really, really far off and I thought chapter 2 would be done much quicker than it was. But if you know me than you know I’ve been having an absolute horrendous IRL string of problems this last 4-5 months or so and it resulted in many delays. Mainly due to financial situation with my fiance’s work situation changing 3 times in 5 months and the fact that MHFAP! just doesn’t make enough money to support myself yet. But I essentially promised these thinking it would get to them in like 2 months when it really took 5. I feel absymal about that and to everyone who’s waited so long for their minicomics, they’re finally coming up.

Each minicomic is 6 pages and will introduce a different MHFAP! OC and include a sex scene with them, as well as plenty of fun comedy along the way. After work on the final minicomic is done, then Chapter 3 will fully begin production. There’s a lot I need to do for Chapter 3, a major character I have to design, a big script to write… but when we get there, it will finally be Rizl’s turn in the spotlight! I know a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting for her chapter, myself included.

If you’re enjoying MHFAP! so far, I do want to say thank you very much. This has been an emotionally trying time for me and I can’t do it without the people who love and support my works. I have plans for MHFAP! to go on for years and years, this isn’t some comic I’ll up and abandon. This is one of my life’s biggest works… so many things I want to do, so many stories to tell in this universe… if you would like to help me, then please. Share MHFAP! with your friends. Tell them about me, comment on my art, join the Discord Server, and if you can pledge to the Patreon then please by all means. It helps more than you think, even if it’s just $1. ”

If you read all the way down here, join the Discord and call Kom dumb for misspelling “afterword” so many times and making Ska fix it all. ~skaohgwaih xoxo


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