Sexy Tali had to show off a little bit too!

Can’t end the chapter without a little bit of sexy Tali! All these guest characters have been taking the spotlight away from our favorite Harpy, so I threw in a little fanservice haha! Not that my whole monster girl hentai comic is anything but fanservice but you know how it is. The colorist did a good job on this page, Tali’s butt looks very thick and plump like goddamn, what a pretty bird!

I hope everyone liked Sulwyn as much as I did, but I feel like the Scottish accent gag was lost on more people vs the ones who ended up finding it funny. Eh, that’s fine, this is just a little one off joke anyway. The people who didn’t get it can enjoy this sexy Tali instead!

Drawing chapter 2.3 was somewhat of a chore, and I say that not because I didn’t have fun with it but because I was eager to move on to chapter 3 by that point… and finally getting over that hurdle felt so good let me tell you. Thankfully we are well past chapter 2.3 now- I did a little bit of work last night and have inked the next sexy page of chapter 3. So currently 20/24 pages of Chapter 3 are fully done!! Hope everyone’s ready for a rapid release schedule once the colorist starts getting into her groove! I’m so excited to start sharing her amazing work with you all. She makes my monster girls look like the sexiest monster girls on the internet I tell you! You’ll believe me when I start sharing all of the amazingly comics in the future made with her help! I’m so excited ahhh.

Hope you have fun staring at that sexy Tali! Oh, and make sure you check out that adorable sheep girl I posted recently!

Colors by HMCYT