Sexy shortstack dwarf gets a good old sexy creampie!

Hey guys, I’m back to post this page… weeks late. Yeah, fuck me am I right? I get so caught up drawing monster girl porn that updating my site ends up kicking my ass sometimes. But that’s ok. A main reason I wasn’t uploading the rest of this sexy shortstack girl’s comic was that I was struggling with colorist issues. Yeah, I know, we had a colorist all lined up and she was making my hentai look sexy as fuck. But it didn’t fully work out. I love HMCYT‘s colors but like they aren’t available nearly as much as they said they would be, so a little after chapter 2.3 I ended up talking to them about it and we decided it’d be best if we didn’t keep workin on monster girl porn together… at least the main comic! Me and HMCYT are still friends and they will likely still be my go to person regarding pinups and such. So you’ll still see a lot of amazing monster girl hentai with their help!

But what have I been doing since that happened? I took an ad out on reddit and got swarmed by tons of amazing, amazing artists who showed me such sexy portfolios- all of them wanting to help me create the best monster girl hentai known to man! It took a lot of figuring stuff out, but the rate at finding a colorist was stupidly easy this time. I don’t wanna share all the details yet but Chapter 3 is going to be like an entirely different hentai comic. Trust me!!

Now that I have a full-time colorist, someone who’s actually experienced working in comics and who I can reliably trust to keep my pace- pages are gonna start flying out as long as I have the money to pay her. The good news is that Chapter 3 is already basically done lineart wise. I’m 20 out of 24 pages done and I could have been done linearting it a week ago if I had more motivation to finish drawing it up… but I was doing a lot of art jobs on the side to raise some money for my colorist hunt. Which went very successfully at least!!! So yeah, thankfully everything worked out well and we should be vastly approaching the day where MHFAP! starts releasing rapidly.

Until then enjoy the sexy shortstack dwarf porn!

Colors by HMCYT