Sexy dwarf’s turn to get pounded like crazy, yay!

We’re knocking these pages outta the park my good Fappers! Hope you’re all ready to see a sexy dwarf get what’s coming to her- a good, hard fucking! I know I am. This page turned out really good I think! Seeing Sulwyn get impaled on that dick while her big tits flop around was well worth the wait it took my to find my colorist. Overall I’m very satisfied with how chapter 2.3 is turning out, lots of sexy hentai to add to the ongoing MHFAP! collection haha. Been wanting an excuse to draw a sexy dwarf for ages now and Sulwyn more than scratches that itch!

Getting a lot of stuff done lately, and I’m starting to feel way better about my situation. Overall I just want MHFAP!’s pace to increase, and it’s doing exactly that so I don’t have much reason to complain! Am glad 2.3 is coming out this nice though, as I’ve had to wait to show you guys this sexy dwarf way longer than I ever wanted to… but that’s ok, sexy dwarf is here now and you can enjoy all the monster girl hentai that comes along with her~

Oddly enough I never knew that I liked shortstack girls until around the time I designed Sulwyn. But now that that floodgate has been opened I’m pretty into them… The more you know. I find them really fun to draw with them being both little and very curvy. Two things I find go very well together! I hope you do too, cause there’s plenty of time left for this sexy dwarf in the spotlight!

Colors by HMCYT