Dwarf lore dump for all you lore enthusiasts!

Hey guys, all ready to post the MHFAP! Dwarf Sexdex and give you all some amazing dwarf lore to sink your hammers into! I think this one paints a pretty good picture and although it might be derivative, it’s a dwarf. Not much can be done with them as is so including them in a familiar manner like so is easy to do. That’s not to say I don’t have my own ideas or changes I made to the familiar dwarf archetype. But you’ll have to read all that sweet dwarf lore to find that out! And I do have more original ideas planned with them in the future but you’ll all have to just wait and see.

I have been having a rough week with production. My art is going really well and I have stuff to share but it was a fight getting everything ready. But rest assured, things are ok now. It was just kinda rough for a bit there, bleh. But we’re doing good now and I got all kinds of art and stuff to share with you guys!

I hope you all enjoyed chapter 2.3! As a reminder, this chapter as a whole was colored by my friend HMCYT, and you’ll be seeing lots more collaborations between the two of us. More than we had planned initially but we’ll talk about that when we get to it haha. Hey, if you liked chapter 2.3 make sure you check out all the other art of Sulwyn I’ve posted here on the site! You can click on here to see her gallery, and it’ll get updated everytime I show off something new of her! She’s a popular lass so she has some goooood artwork already there! Enjoy not just the dwarf lore, but the monster girl hentai I got for you!

Check out a sexy pic of Sulwyn flexing here! Or, you can see this badass non-lewd pinup I drew of her looking really dramatic!