Of course there’s a SexDex entry for our favorite lusty mantis!

Chapter 2.2 might be wrapping up but there’s still a little lusty mantis content for you guys yet! Namely this SexDex and a bonus pinup of Proteah and another very special harpy I think you all know well! You’ll see that sexy drawing very soon. I’m pretty proud of myself for this cute new drawing of Proteah the Mantis though. What a cute and sexy lil grumpy monster girl. She’s become quite popular ever since 2.2 has been posted! Though that’s just natural. Any monster girl that briefly shows up in the comic always sees a huge spike in popularity, since, well… they had a sex scene and showed up in the comic! I mean it’s not rocket science people.

Even though I’m tired of drawing filler, I’m still super happy everyone enjoyed our time with this lusty mantis as much as you did. Cute mantis girls might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ll be happy if Proteah made one or two people open their eyes about how sexy insect girls can be! But as I’ve said before, the huge variety of different types is what makes monster girls so amazing. There’s something for everyone! And then there’s people like me who like most every species. We’re the lucky chosen few who are not held back in all the amazing monster girls we get to sample! Whether it be a lusty mantis or a sultry harpy, we get a piece of every pie my brethren. Jesus I’m so tired idek what I’m typing right now, just trying to force one more monster girl blog out of me before I fall over and go to sleep… blargh…


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