And finally the Title Page to have a complete wrap on Chapter 1!

Hey everyone! Sorry this page took me so long to do! I didn’t plan it that way but a lot kept cropping up. First I accidentally slept in too late to take my medicine the other way. Resulted in me having to take a full day off, and then yesterday Art didn’t feel all that right so I mostly did practice sketches to try and ease into it. But here we are now with a lovely title page showing Tali and the Hero celebrating in each other’s arms! And if the pose looks familiar, yes, it inspired by a favorite cover of Jojo Part 7 of mine. I don’t like references or memes at all but juuuuuuust this once I wanted to do something fun and goofy to celebrate, so I changed the pose around a bit and had some fun with it! Don’t expect me to reference other comics or artwork in the future very much. I like to keep things original or with photo reference!

Really though this was such a fun title page to design, but enough about that. I believe I promised you guys some clarity about the future of MHFAP! so let’s get to it!!

MHFAP Ch. 2 Roadmap and Details!

First off let me say that everything I posted publicly regarding concept art, layouts and page WIP will now ONLY be available on Patreon. If you like reading the comic as I make it and getting access to things like character designs, chapter scripts and character bios then you will need to pledge as little as $1 on Patreon. The comic is always going to stay free to read but you’ll be getting a lot of extra content as well as getting to read it MUCH faster by helping me over there!

Now then, about the actual plans. I have the details for the next few chapters in my head but due to how I started MHFAP! in a rush I don’t have scripts for them. Usually I like to stockpile material but I wanted to get MHFAP! chapter 1 out as soon as possible to test the idea and see if people want more of it. The results were astoundingly successful and you guys want LOTS more! Which I can definitely provide! However there are a few things I need to do before I can start drawing Chapter 2.

I need to design the main character who debuts in Chapter 2. This shouldn’t take too long as I already have a good deal of idea sketches of her from over a month ago, I just need to refine them into a good design. She does have two forms though so I need to draw both of those! Shouldn’t be that bad, again.

Most importantly I need to write the script. This also shouldn’t be too bad as I have a very clear idea of what happens and what kind of jokes I have in mind. Problem is though I would like to write scripts for the next couple of chapters ahead of time so I don’t have to leave you guys without content like this in the future.

If I get all this sorted out I can probably get production on Chapter 2 finished in 3-4 weeks. But of course the fastest way to get me to create more content is helping on Patreon! If I had more Patrons I wouldn’t have to do as many commissions on the side. That means way more time I can spend on production and research. I can’t understate this enough. If you liked chapter 1 PLEASE help me create chapter 2 just a little bit faster! $1, $5, $10, anything helps you guys! There is power in numbers.

I want to draw awesome monster girl comedy hentai but I can’t do it without your help. But even if you decide not to support, I hope you enjoy this title page!!


Did you all see that sexy Goblin girl I designed? Go check it out, she’s a cutie!

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