I can’t believe it’s not Monster Girl Encyclopedia!

Introducing the MHFAP! SexDex! Yup, of course we’re doing something like this. It’s kind of a given in this genre, right? Plus lots of monster girls are going to work very differently in MHFAP! than they do in other places like MonMusu or the afformentioned Monster Girl Encyclopedia. To ensure that I wasn’t plagiarizing directly I wanted to go in a totally different direction with the SexDex. Where are the Monster Girl Encyclopedia gives the impression of a old dusty book written by a scholar, the SexDex instead draws influence from the early RPGs that the monster girl genre is inspired from. I was most closely going for a Dragon Quest vibe with obvious Pokemon influence!

I don’t have anything specific to announce yet but I will probably be doing Patreon exclusive SexDex entries along with letting Patrons request SexDex entries. If this interests you make sure you go pledge to the MHFAP! Patreon! Or not, up to you bro!

We just have one more illustration to do before I fully wrap up production on MHFAP! chapter 1, I may or may not do it tomorrow, we’ll see! As I promised I will announce my plans for the next chapter at that time and I think you all will be very excited for the future of my comfy little monster girl harem series!

Really though thank you to Kenkou Cross for inspiring me, and all Monster Girl fans with his amazing Monster Girl Encyclopedia. I wouldn’t be here if not for that! And why yes, I DO own both books.


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