And thus, we end on our Hero about to enjoy a loooooong night with his new sexy harpy!

I can’t believe it everyone but we did it! A full chapter of monster girl goodness featuring one very sexy harpy, complete!! I couldn’t have done it without all the readers, members of the MHFAP! Discord server and most importantly my Patrons. Everyone who’s come this far with me means the world to me. Thank you all so much!

Technically there’s still 2 pages left, but the comic part is done and these two are extras that won’t take me too long. I’ll announce my plans for chapter 2 onwards when I post the last bonus page. I’ve got to do some commissions soon though as I’ve been saying frequently money is pretty shit right now though I’m taking measures to start saving. I really need to move out of the ghetto I live in and into somewhere safer, but that’s currently not possible. Here’s hoping MHFAP! catches on and I get a load of Patrons, but I know that stuff takes time haha. But no really if you want more of this sexy harpy go check out the Patreon!

This insane monster girl harem sex comedy fuck quest is only just beginning so I hope you’ll keep this up and continue following myself and MHFAP! Thank you so much everyone!


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