Penis?!  Are the legends true?!

That is indeed the face of a girl who has just seen a penis for the first time in her life. Definitely. The hunger. That desire… yup, very realistic and not like, revulsion at the smell or something. Trust me I am the internet hentai man and I know how the porns do. I have seen them all, just as Tali has seen the Penis.

Of course, Tali is a Monster Girl and not a human so her reaction is definitely quite different than a normal one would be! Not that there still are human females in this story. Gonna squash that thought now and say a solid ‘nope’ on the subject. Don’t want those icky humans girls ruining my perfect world of dick-obsessed bisexual monster girls. Huh… wonder what that sentence says about my character…

Ah well. I’m already a hentai author, I’m in too deep to worry about that kind of crap. Part of this profession means entirely drowning out other people’s opinions of you and especially their judgement. I don’t care what other people think, I can’t afford that luxury!

Why is the Hero so hard? You’d be fucking stiff as hell after a 4,000 year cryostasis nap too, the morning wood would be insane! But at least he’s never going to have to worry about morning wood ever again very soon. What with all the girls he encounters along with the ones he adds to his roaming harem. Yep, never gonna be a problem again.

Finally I’m all done posting the 11 pages that were finished before I created the site! Such huge updates will never be a problem ever again because now it’s done! I’m really excited to be able to update content at my own pace… doing it all in a row was murder because damn.


Please check out that cute fanart of Tali I posted! You’ll love it!

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