Here we learn some more stuff about the Erinyes, the Queen’s soldiers!

Getting pretty close to finishing up posting the pages that are all complete! Trying to post the last 4 together together. Compared to page 7 this one was much easier to draw and took  a lot less time. Less panels and I knew what I was doing with the background this time. I feel like Tali and Rizl are going to have an interesting dynamic once they start to interract more with each other. Their relationship isn’t fully plotted out or anything but I have a pretty good idea of how they’ll play off one another.

Rizl has a rather gratuitous ass shot here and I will likely be toning down the blatant fanservice outside the sex scenes, at least when there’s no context for it at least. Less is more… But then of course we’ll have the sex scenes where obviously we’ll just go crazy right guys?

Rizl has a decent pair of c-cup breasts but her real ‘charm’ is definitely her large hips. Kobolds have these hips because of their interesting leg shape and in fact they share very similar DNA to Harpies because of that ancient link between dinosaurs and birds. Their legs are  drawn very similarly! A helpful tip to anyone trying to draw Tali or Rizl. They are not very hard animal legs to learn and if you learn one you can learn the other easily.

This was still a fun page to work on though! I love all the drawings I’ve done since starting on MHFAP!. It feels great to be working on something that interests me compared to all of the commissions. You can expect me to pump out more and more MHFAP! content from here on out.

Go check out that sexy pinup of Tali I drew!
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