Pussy juice so thick you can almost taste it…

Tali is the most thirsty of all harpies… Maybe even the most thirsty of all Monster Girls? But she’s also somehow the purest? That’s why I love her so much! Poor girl just wanted to watch. She’s innocent, just like Denny. Only if like, Denny had more Pussy juice… ok that’s a disgusting thought I apologize!

Man, uploading the first 11 pages all at once has been ridiculous. Especially with me trying to upload some of the other MHFAP art on the side so we can give the site a good splash of content to start out with. I might make a few small advertisements to start using on Project Wonderful after I’m done, but the plan is to start real advertisement after the first chapter is finished. At the rate I’m going it should only be 2-3 weeks but I’d love to try and work harder in order to get it done faster! Right now I’m occupied with getting this site all up to speed.

I do think the Demon girl is pretty cute. Her design didn’t come from anything specific and I made her just for this chapter. Wonder if she’ll get any fans? I wonder about things like fanservice. You know, bringing back characters that were more popular than I expected. This is something I want to have a nuanced stance on. Like, I’ll do it sometimes if it makes my readers happy but I’m not about to change my entire story for it! Consider my stance that I’ll consider things on a case by case basis. If I like the idea and if I have ideas for it, I’ll do it! But if I don’t like it or there’s no ideas for it… I’m not gonna do it! I just want my readers to respect my intention and control of the story. That’s all I desire!

Well, that and more monster girl pussy juice, but what can you do?


Check out that Tali pinup I just uploaded for a sexy look at that ass!

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