Poor Tali masturbating like she’s got no other choice…

What can I say folks, Tali is a bit of a voyeur! She’s just not very good at it is the problem. Hope you guys find Tali masturbating with her feather fingers as funny as I do. I do think she’ll get better at using them, though. There could be some interesting erotic potential to having feathers for fingers! But she’d still have trouble doing basic tasks on her own.

I had fun drawing Tali from a low angle, but my editor wants me to make things less gratuitous.  I don’t think this is one of the pages he meant though, since this is an erotic scene and the low angle kind of fits. But I do agree with him about having less blatant tits and ass shots outside of the porn scenes. Got to keep this somewhat tasteful, even though this series features a voyeur harpy. The voyeur thing is going to be expanded on just so you know! There might be a little more to this than I’m letting on…

Drawing the top panel was pretty fun, although I need to keep practicing the round, malleable form of breasts. I felt I could have made them squishier! Overall though I do think this page came out good as a whole. Uploading this though is making me really want to get to drawing Tali’s first sex scene. I’m really excited for it and it happens real soon! I can’t start on new MHFAP pages until I finish up posting all the content to the site though. So I hope everyone can be patient with me. I’ll be trying to fill up the site for the rest of today!

Hope you enjoy the sexy look of Tali masturbating though, it was really fun for me to draw and imagine what it’d feel like! Those feathers on that pussy, I mean…


Make sure you look at that Pinup I made of Tali! It’s her first one, so it’s special! Give me more lewd Tali!

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