Because everything is better with gratuitous Lesbian Monster Girls!

Time for a small yuri scene! Due to the setting of MHFAP! you can expect lesbian monster girls to show up fairly often even after the Hero makes his appearance and sets off on his sex adventure fuck quest. I don’t have any planned, but there might even be a few relationships in the main cast! The Harem all has different relationships to each other, so naturally a they might ‘intermingle’ when the Hero is busy. Any excuse for some lesbian monster girls, right? Of course some of them don’t get along all that well and have a very Zoro vs Sanji dynamic to them. And then there’s Tali, who no one really has any bad feelings about! She might annoy sometimes but overall none of them really hate her or anything.

As for the two characters introduced on this page, they’re really just minor characters who I introduced for a few story reasons. I wanted Tali to exposit and show how damn awkward she is without talking to herself for no reason. So I had to come up with a situation to put her in! Definitely think it more than suffices.

These two girls don’t have any names, so if you guys like them maybe make some suggestions in the comments? I’m unsure if they are going to appear again but that doesn’t mean MHFAP! won’t have recurring characters who aren’t part of the main harem. Not like there will be a shortage of lesbian monster girls, but I do like their designs! The catgirl is actually a variation of a design I sketched very early on during the process of designing MHFAP! I was originally really inspired by Tower Girls and wanted to make a similar comic, only each girl being the boss of a dungeon. As you can see a lot elements from that still exist in MHFAP! with the Dungeon Bosses still being a thing, but it’s not entirely focused on it anymore. I like Tower Girls a lot though, all of the designs are way too cute!

As you can see I’m still experimenting with how I do sound effects and hearts. MHFAP! is going to need a lot of experimentation for me to find the right style. This ranges from everything to lineart, coloring, backgrounds, pretty much everything. I hope you’ll enjoy watching my art develop! It’s going to be a long road but because I put the work into it, I get better all the time. Pretty soon I’m planning on doing some background studies. I feel the landscapes in chapter 1 are decent enough but I could be doing a lot better if I practice cartoony styles. Though there’s all kinds of other things I need to practice as well! My practice sketches are on my other sites, though I could start posting my studies here too, I suppose.

Here’s to the first of many lesbian monster girls! So many fucking lesbian monster girls…


This is the original design she had!


I recently uploaded a pic of Tali that a good friend of mine, EchoChips drew! Please check that out if you haven’t!

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