This isn’t all sex my friends, no, there’s a good deal of monster girl romance too!

We’re finally almost at the end of chapter 1! I only need to do page 23 now and then WE’RE FINISHED! After that you’ll get two more bonus page things as I’ve hinted at but you’ll need to wait and see what those are. I hope everyone likes this adorable cuddle session with Tali. Like I said, MHFAP! is about sex and comedy yes but it’s also got a lot of monster girl romance in it too. It IS a harem series, so the Hero is going to meet multiple girls who join his harem and travel with him. How can you tell who will join? The hearts in his eyes! When that happens you can take it as an indication that the Hero has developed feelings for the girl he’s currently intimate with.

It won’t happen all the time of course, and his Harem will all have drastically different personalities and body types. But you can rest assured that his love is true and he doesn’t love a single one of them more than another! He just has different types of relationships with them. Like I’ve said before, his romance with Tali is very adorable and romantic in nature like how this page shows!

I think this page came out pretty good. I really liked working with the different color pallet and making it saturated but also night time. I’ve told you all before that the goal with my lovely monster girl romance hentai here is to be fun and colorful! But I can also pull of nice, atmospheric shots like these too as you can see.

Remember that I’m going to announce the plans for chapter 2+ after I get the two bonus pages done! So be patient with your humble monster girl hentai maker, ok?


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