Can’t Let it Be Over Just Like That, Can We?

There we go! Got this page done finally. Not feeling the most artistic today, but I was able to pull through and make the page look really good!  I just woke up wrong today and I’m overly tired. That kinda thing. I didn’t exactly feel like doing any artwork today and after making 5 pages in the last two days I’d say I have good reason to feel like that. But eh, I decided to push through and get it done since the lineart was already done! I really have to speed up how I do cellshading, it all feels very cumbersome although that’s likely due to my inexperience.

As always I’ll just have to keep gringing away at my skills to sharpen them and become a better artist! I do like the poses on this page though, but I think the 2nd to last one should have been angled a bit differently. His dick’s a big too high up and it doesn’t look like vaginal. Or maybe that’s just me? I’m not a fan of anal so it was definitely NOT intentional if it looks like that to someone! If I cared enough I could always spread Tali’s wings to cover her behind, but I know you guys wouldn’t want me to take aview of that ass away heh. Far be it from me to deprive you!


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