It Might Have Been a Bit Quick, But it Was Worth it!

Hey everyone, got a page for you all today and I’m excited to share with you! Drawing the sex scene has been a lot more fun than I expected. Thing is I was already expecting it to be fun! So it’s been a nice surprise that it surpassed my expectations. Course we still have two more pages of extreme monster girl hentai action before it’s fully done!

I had a pretty good day working on it today but it took longer than I’d have liked because I’m still trying to figure out how I want to render sweat and cum… Going to need to look at other artists examples, but if you’re wondering why that kinda stuff changes every page, well. That’s why! Not going to learn everything all at once. And I’m sure everyone is fine with minor inconsistencies like that long as means my art is improving with everything I try.

I’ll get a good amount of work done on the next page tonight, I might even finish it! We’ll see how that goes though. It should be a fairly simple one as it’s a bunch of sex poses with no background, and you know how I feel about that hehe! I really do hope everyone has been enjoying the sight of Tali’s first h-scene and that you all are coming to like her even just a bit as much as I do.

The rest of the chapter though should be pretty easy to draw. Can’t wait to get working on it, I have so many ideas for the next chapter and beyond!

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