Tali’s First Ahegao! Aren’t We All Just so Proud?

Tali picks a rather odd time to confess to the man she’s met only 10 minutes ago, but this is hentai where that makes total sense. Imagine her like a baby bird who just imprinted on someone!

I love drawing me some ahegao, not gonna lie. I also like when characters get transported to the hentai dimension and I suddenly don’t have to draw backgrounds anymore. But you didn’t hear that~

You all must be astounded that I was able to put out 3 pages of comic all in one 24 hour span! I’d like to say I can keep this pace but we’re probably going back to 1-2. I am always working on improving my speed with art so I can create more and more comics but I have so much to go! I’m really, really happy with how this one turned out. For the first full on picture of sex in MHFAP! I don’t think it could have come out much better than it did.

As far as tomorrow goes I’m gonna do my best and try to get the next page done. I’m really excited about finishing the first chapter of MHFAP! and I’m excited for everything that comes next! It’s hard to believe I’ve been able to put it out so far, this has been a really huge undertaking and it had some risks but it seems to be paying off gigantically. So thank you for all of the support you’ve been giving me. Every comment and new patron inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing! Ahhh typing this kinda junk makes me all happy knowing you’re all enjoying my work.

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