The first Cumshot of MHFAP! What a Milestone~

I ended up doing a ton of work on this page last night, so all I had to do was shade it this morning! Would have gotten it up even quicker but, well, I woke up much later than is normal for me. I kind of needed it though after staying up late and then the dogs waking me up early. But yeah, I hope you all like this page of hentai goodness!

I think it came out pretty good all things considered! I really want to play up how shy and awkward Tali is even when she says dirty stuff. As I’ve said before that kind of personality really excites me and it’s all kinds of adorable. We’re almost to the really good part, so those of you looking forward to the penetration don’t have to wait much longer hehe.

Overall I’m surprised by how well this first chapter is turning out. My art has been all over the place as I try to find what works and what doesn’t in this comic and I’m changing things up all the time. It’s been over a year before starting this since the last comic I worked on but coming back to this media I love has felt extremely natural. Just shows how much I longed for it since then I suppose. It’s like I never skipped a beat! Moreover this has just been so much fun. Need more money, though… will have to do some commissions as soon as ch. 1 is over. I’ve been gaining Patrons bit by bit but it’s certainly not replacing comms yet. All in due time I suppose!

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Random art thing, but check out a sketchbook page I did a few weeks ago!

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