Everyone’s been waiting for a Tali blowjob, I’m sure!

I’m happy with this page and all but bleh, I had to deal with a website problem before I could upload. So now I’m in a shitty mood since I just had to shell out about $70 to upgrade my site’s hosting plans. The I/O usage was incredibly high and I couldn’t even access the site. In the future I’ll need to get someone to run the tech part of this site for me. But for now I’m all on my own… Also yay for first Tali blowjob <3 proud of you bb

Speaking of site stuff, going to be implementing ads soon! Traffic has been really good for me not actually doing any ads, which is a welcome delight.

Artwise I apologize if there’s a lot of inconsistencies between panels regarding the saliva and Tali’s lips. I need to experiment to find out the way that looks best doing things! Only one way to learn, trial by fire. I’ve always performed well under those circsumstances. It’s hard to believe there’s only 7 pages left for me to draw! I hope everyone is enjoying the ride so far.

After that I’ll have things to announce regarding chapter 2, but my goal is to get it into production about a month from ch. 1’s ending. I don’t have multiple scripts for the future or anything but I know what happens. Maybe I’ll try writing chapters 2 and 3 together? Don’t know yet! I will try to get things running smoother and always have something in production but this is the first chapter and I’m still getting things organized.

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Check out the sexy pinup I made of Rizl with her wearing ripped leggings!

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