You might laugh at her. Maybe you might jack off to her. You might think she’s just a dumb birb. But do not forget. Harpies… are stronk. Tali’s talons are capable of incredible grip force and if she wanted to your face would look like that one chick who got her face torn off by an organgutan. Only like, worse.

But rest assured. She would never do that! She’s way too pure-hearted unless you flip her switch and hurt someone she loves.

Also what’s this? The first appearance of this comic’s Hero? I believe it is! His name? It’s… well, it’s pretty much just ‘Hero’. He does have one but it’s kind of a running joke that it never gets brought up at all. Instead, each of the main girls have their own pet name for him. I admittedly got the idea from Okayado who does the same thing with the girls of Monster Musumu and Kimihito-kun. I read an interview and saw him say that he does this so the readers can better insert into the main character. Honestly, I think that’s pretty cool.

Guess you could say it’s about the only thing I want to directly ‘steal’ from another Monster Girl series. I actually try and keep my influences at shoulder length because I really don’t want to steal shit haha. Though I probably am going to make bestiary pages similar to Monster Girl Encyclopedia because I did a similar thing for my failed webcomic And Once Again. Doing such a thing again would be quite nostalgic!

If you like Tali’s face in the last panel you can rejoice. I plan on getting even cartoonier and funnier with the facial expressions! I don’t want MHFAP! to be all that realistic looking and I’ll be working on my cartoony style to accomadate that.


Did you see that pinup I posted of Tali thinking deeply? Don’t miss it, it was hot and adorable!

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