Two Pages in a Day? Seems that way!

IMPORTANT LORE- Monster Girls don’t have hymens, because if I had to draw every single girl the Hero sleeps with lose her hymen and bleed it’d be very repetitive. Other lore reasons too, but secret ;P

What a surprise am I right guys? Even more of a surprise is I might have a third for you in a few hours here… next page after this one is one large panel. So that will not take long at all for me to make! Going to try and get it up for you guys here tonight like I said. We’ll see how that goes though. I keep getting distracted and pulling into gaming conversations with my Discord server. Only 6 pages left here folks until the end of the 1st chapter!

Once the chapter is over I’ll have a nice long talk about the plans for MHFAP!’s future. It’s going to be very bright, trust me! But I mean in the roadmap of what I’m going to be working on directly after the chapter ends. There’s a lot of stuff to plan and draw before I can start up chapter 2 and onwards. I hope everyone will be patient with me when working on content. I’ll be doing my best to keep this ball rolling as I love the reception MHFAP! has been getting!

This page is a cute one, and I really like how Tali’s expression came out heh. I think you guys will REALLY like the next page though! Trust me on that, I’m gonna be working hard on it to make it better than you can even imagine. My art has grown so much over the course of this chapter, I think there’s a huge jump in quality from the first 11 pages to the second half that I’m working on currently!


Go check out that adorable art of Tali in a 4th of July Bikini!

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