A lovely monster girl creampie to top off the first sex scene!

Hey guys! Sorry, I ended up doing like 0 work on MHFAP! yesterday and instead did a single commission and not much else. Was feeling pretty shitty honestly, couple things dragging me down and since I’m way ahead of schedule with MHFAP! anyway I decided I probably deserved a little bit of a break. I don’t want you guys hugely worried about me or anything. Mostly money stuff and balancing MHFAP! with comms… sadly I can’t spend every day working on monster girl creampie stuff. I mean, I can, but my Patreon isn’t big enough for me to up and quit commissions.

Between this monster girl creampie page and the insertion back on 18, both of which are full page spreads, I have to admit I like page 18 more. I was a bit more creative with Tali’s pose and it feels a lot more energetic. You could argue that Tali is tired now and thus has less energy in her pose, but eh. It’s on me. I’ll need to improve the way I draw cartoonish and expressive poses not just for monster girl creampie pages but for ALL pages! Don’t get me wrong though, I still think this came out good! I just happen to really like page 18.

I do think I’ve settled on the way I draw sweat and cum though. Do you guys approve of it? Tell me in the comments! You readers are so quiet, I love when I get comments to respond to and stuff… boo.

All in all this sex scene was 8 pages long. A decent amount for a first chapter I think, but I’m going to be keeping an eye on the pacing when I write new chapters. While there will be plenty of longer sex scenes leading up to a big climactic monster girl creampie, I will also add a lot of shorter scenes. Quickies that span only a few pages as demanded by the story. It’s a harem series and the Hero will have to get around quite a lot!

Only 2 pages of comic before MHFAP! chapter 1 is done!! I hope everyone is enjoying both the comic as a whole, and also this delightful monster girl creampie <3


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