Sexy robot girl? That’s right, MHFAP! Ch. 2 has officially begun!

Told you guys it wouldn’t be long! Just a little over two weeks since the first chapter concluded I’m here to start serious work on chapter 2! I really wanted to make the title page special. I do pinups all the time. There’s not much value in just tossing nude ladies at you for the cover page right? Might as well show off a bit! I’m happy with the results, I quite like this drawing! Wanted to give some nice focus on Futura, our sexy robot girl so I made all kinds of effects swirl around her. Had to make sure I didn’t go overkill and use a bunch of bad color combos, but I think I did ok!

Just to clarify, this page is just to kick off chapter 2. The public won’t get any new pages until I’m done with the first scene which is about 5 pages. However, if you want to read MHFAP! as fast as I complete a page then you need to pledge on Patreon! That way you’ll support me and help me make new pages of MHFAP! so much faster.

As for what you can expect from chapter 2 besides a sexy robot girl, which is obvious, well. I got a lot of surprises for you! A lot of comedy, a lot of adorable moments, and maybe even some backstory and lore? Not to mention SO MUCH HENTAI! You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!


Don’t miss that sexy Minotaur I drew! I love her design!

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