Hey, if you haven’t noticed from this hot kobold comic I have a gigantic fetish for onee-sans.

I mean it was pretty obvious from the last 7 comics in this whole femboy saga but for real. Send me mommies and or onee-sans. A big distinction between Rizl and Tali when they do it though is Rizl’s rougher dialect makes her opt for the informal nee-chan like you can see in this hot kobold comic. But if you think about it, Rizl is DEFINITELY a nee-chan and not an onee-san you know? Onee-san has a much softer and relaxed feel to it, where as nee-chan feels more like a rowdier and playful older sis who ain’t toooo much older than the shota in question. You know? This is what you come here for, philosophical debates on the difference between onee-sans and nee-chans. I guess you also come here for hot kobold comics as well, and thankfully I have a lot of those.

What’s that you ask? Is Futura an onee-san or a nee-chan? Probably neither, she doesn’t strike me much as an onee-san since those are gentle and nurturing. True form Futura feels more like a sultry mommy if I had to say, but that’s neither here nor there.

I will get the rest of these hot kobold comics uploaded to the site very soon, probably tomorrow as soon as I can make enough time for it. Wanted to do it all in a row tonight but yeah my attention span is ass and that’s not happening lol. But hey at least I made a stab at it and we got two new hot kobold comics for you all to enjoy assuming that’s your thing and you’re not just skimming all the Rizl sections!

Make sure you’ve seen the first page of this little Rizl reaction comic!


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