Flying Tali happens to be in the right place at the right time, because plot reasons! It’s comedy, and comedy porn at that. Cut me some slack folks! But yes, it seems it is indeed… raining men. Hallelujah. Tali serves as a beautiful reminder to us all. If you dream it, dicks will come.

Drawing Tali flying is pretty fun but there are some improvement I can make to it. You see her ‘fingers’ kind of work like Wolverine’s claws. They’re retractable to an extent. So when she’s flying she should have them extended out a bit more to look like primary feathers… but I didn’t do it enough on this page. Next time I show Tali flying on Page 12 I’ll make sure she looks much more birdlike while in flight! Ah there’s always so much to improve on.

I originally took a shortcut while shading this page by using an airbrush on the pages of her with the sun behind her and I like the effect so much that it barely even looks like I took a shortcut while doing it. I think the lighting is nice! It’s all about making my birdy look as good as she can. If I can save some time while doing so, even better! I want to get to the point where I can draw pages much faster because  I don’t want to be caught slowly making pages my whole life. I’m gonna build this MHFAP! empire goddamnit if it’s the last thing I do, you hear me?! My goal for tonight is to finish uploading these pages and then I’m going to go zone out on the couch for a while I think.

As for tomorrow? Comms and maybe start sketching the next scene of MHFAP!


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