Surprise femboi form gets introduced into the MHFAP! Canon!

For those hoping for a bit more story development in these short comics, I present this adorable femboi comic! I made this 3 page comic a few weeks back at the start of the new year. You know by now I’ve been going on about my financial shit and it had been weeks since I’d done any comic work. I wanted to get back into the groove of things so I told my fans in Discord about an idea I had that I’ve been wanting to do for ages now, and that was to introduce a femboi form so that Hero can get straight shota’d in it .

Thanks to them I was able to have this 3 page comic be an actual paid commission at my standard rate. It was very nice of my friends Urban, Kyuu and DragonKing to each put a little money in till we got the $100 per page x 3. I was very humbled that they’d pay me to do what I want and it meant a whole lot to me. You see I had talked about my desire for this before, and I wanted to incorporate it into the canon as soon as possible without having to divert screentime during an actual chapter towards it. So unlike the one pagers that are somewhat canon in that Hero probably met the monster girl in question at some point and that encounter happened, the details are iffy. This 3 page comic is set directly after Chapter 5 though and is therefore fully canon, femboi and all.

As towards the femboi form in general- I’m not attracted to being feminized- I just like the being smol and helpless and femdommed side of it. It’s really nice ok don’t judge me get off my dick man, god

Oh. I should mention that I’m not one of those people who believes in the whole soyboy thing. This was just a gag more than anything else, so take the femboi for what it’s worth.


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