The mantis monster girl sex just gets hotter and hotter!

The last panel on this page is one of my new favorites that I’ve drawn, for a couple of reasons. I like the shading on Proteah‘s cute little titties (what a cute little mantis monster girl I’ve made), I like the perspective shot, and I made her pussy look super wet! And most of all, I kinda came up with a cool trick to make those speedlines the way they show up there. Makes them look really good and I’ll definitely be using this technique to speed speedlines up a lot in the future! And I have this cute mantis monster girl to thank for my innovation, so thank you Proteah <3 everyone say thank you to the mantis monster girl for making me a better artist!

Friendly reminder that if I say a phrase like 17 times back to back, such as, I don’t know, mantis monster girl, than I’m doing it cause it’s this page’s focus keyword meaning I’m optimizing my comic for Google to show it to more people. So every time you search for mantis monster girl I want you to show up here! And if you came here that way tell me in the comments so you can prove me talking like a retarded robot saying mantis monster girl over and over again works! Mantis monster girl!

Joking aside lol, just kinda felt like I should give a brief explanation of why I talk like a stilted robot in some of these blogs. I personally don’t care how over the top my blog text is, though. You guys are here for monster girl hentai and it’s within my right to rig these things to bring as many new people in as I possibly can. Building up that cult of monster girls! I mean, of personality. Not monster girls… but like, it can be monster girls too right? Remember though guys- mantis monster girl.


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