Has it finally happened? Does this round of cute lizard sex prove that our Hero has won over Rizl once and for all?

Probably not, it just means like Tali and Futura before her she just has a shotacon fetish… What a kinky lizard, but at least it led to this amazing round of cute lizard sex! I like Hero’s situation in this strip, it’s pretty funny to me. He finally got what he wanted, Rizl being nice and loving towards him, but I think we can all agree it’s too weird and unnatural.

Drawing Rizl having this cute lizard sex was a blast though and I love the contrast between this and her normal self! While her grumpy butt is always fun to draw, a little bit of a mix up is always good too.

In other news aside from the cute lizard sex, I have officially started the script for chapter 6 of MHFAP!! Yes, this amazing monster girl hentai adventure will continue extremely soon. If you don’t follow me on other places then you might not know that I’m no longer going to be coloring MHFAP! for now. In order to make the story faster, I’m going to release detailed black and white sketch pages and then once the Patreon is making a certain milestone then I will start paing my assistant to work through em retroactively. So this little Rizl side comic is the last official comic colored by me if I have anything to say about it, so enjoy it while you can? I say enjoy lightly because I’ve never considered myself a very good colorist but I digress.

So yeah, chapter 6 is coming and there will indeed be more cute lizard sex featured within its sexy pages.

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